Inner Struggle

How can your mind stop loving someone

When your heart isn’t ready to

How do you tell yourself a lie

While deep inside you know the truth

There’s no way you could feel any different

No matter how hard you try

They just make you feel something

That you’re not afraid to hide

You try to change the way you feel

To no avail

Feelings of love always prevail

Staying far away doesn’t help

It only makes you want to see them more

Because you know deep down inside

They’re that one person you truly adore


Conflicted Memories

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh
But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry
We shared those moments that you could never buy
I loved everything about you
Especially the way I felt when around you
I want to be there for you forever
But your actions are telling me never
Trust is not easy to attain, it must first be earned
Experiences teach us the worst lessons learned
Every time I think a good thought of you
A bad one comes to mind too
What am I to do?
Fighting with myself to stay mad
When my heart just wants to love
Telling my body to run
Into your arms, though they always remained closed
No matter how close
We got
You could make me smile, then flip the script
Hurting my deepest feelings
Those I didn’t remember were there
At times I would have to ask if you cared
Then you would do something to show
That a heart was still there
I remember being happy around you
Yet I remember more being sad
I want to forget about all the bad we went through
But that will never be a reality to me
When I have to fight
Constant memories…