Ten Percent

It’s not easy to feel this way
Yet I feel the need to show more
I want to give you something
That you never had before
You are close to me
I can still hold you closer still
If things continue going well
Sooner than later, I will
If it doesn’t feel like what you deserve
You have nothing to fear at all
We all need to start somewhere
The best things start out small

Everything that I do for you
Comes from the bottom of my heart
But the true feeling that I can show
Have yet to really start
The reason for my hesitance
Is that I stay protected
I can’t afford to give it all now
I need to keep some things unexpected
When looking into your eyes
I can almost clearly see
The acorn of love that we share
Growing into that great oak tree
I’m not crazy when I say
That I can love you more
You may think it’s impossible
But of myself I am sure

You should be more open minded
Not look at things only one way
The way things are now
Are not the ways they will stay
What you see
Is not always what you get
You may think I care now
Well, you haven’t seen anything yet
If you let me in your world
Then more feelings will surge
The love I show you right now
Is just the tip…
Of The Iceberg