Putting A Flame to It All Part 1

You promised me forever

Then you showed me just how short it was

You said that we would always be together

Just another lie you told

So I am burning everything

All the memories of

All the things that remind me of you

The first one is

That together forever

Was never true


When you really care about someone…you can feel it in your bones. Words can never describe the feelings that take over your body. After a while, it becomes…love.

The world is a scary place

But I’ll be here to hold your hand

I’ll show you that I can be here

When it seems like no one else can

Just trust me to not let you down

Know that I’ll always be around

For you…


Leave only vacancies everywhere

You open up

In my heart

We can conquer it all that can be thrown at us

If we promise to have each others’ backs

Keep offering one another advice when needed

Make sure to keep ourselves on track

I’ve found that there is a big difference

Between feeling and being in

The first is just a taste of victory

While in the latter, you truly win

I say that I never felt it before

But this time I want more

With you by my side

I have the feeling that I can do it all

I’m able to handle any obstacle

Whether it may be big or small

And whenever we’re apart for too long

I call feel my heart trying to get out to you

Beating stronger and louder than it ever has

I believe so that yours can hear

Sending out a form of Morse code

Telling your heart that I’ll soon be there

Can you bear to lean on me?

Let’s etch our love into clay

And as it burn over time

It will soon harden into stone

Then it can never fade away

Even when we feel alone

The future is an unsure place

But we can make one thing true

That I’ll be in your future

And in mine…it will be you

If only you let me

I’ll set your heart free

Come here and never ever ever leave


Two hearts with one beat…

Puns For You 07

I know in my heart

That there is nothing that you can’t do

Once you set your mind to it

You will make it happen

You have overcome so much

That nothing should make you feel

Unable to get past

Or get through

The sky is the limit

And if ever you need help

I’ll be right here with you

Till the 3nd

Love Is

Love is more than money could ever buy
That’s a too common fact
Love is much more than beautifully written words
It’s more than just saying three words at the right moments
I see that now…
Love lies in the things we miss
It’s the little things…

Love is letting them know that they can trust you
That they can believe in you
It’s never making them fight
It’s not having them wonder if it’s right
It’s not keeping them up at night
Not having to make them look for reasons to stay
Love is letting the world know
That you’re happy right where you are
It’s thinking before you act
And how these actions will make them feel

Love is learning from your mistakes
Changing and growing each time
It’s making less as time goes by
So that they don’t have to cry
Love is saying one thing
And doing that one thing
Not another…
It’s placing that person
Above all others…

Love is fighting for them
Till you can no longer stand
Love is writing you names on stone
And not in the sand
Love is being there when they need you
Answering them when they call
Love is being there to catch them
Knowing you’ll never let them fall
Love is being as unquestionable as one can be
I guess you can say
That to love means to ensure security

Love is…
So hard to describe
Love is knowing someone so well
That the two of you become one
One love
Love is knowing they’re all you need
Being completely satisfied
It’s crying knowing that you’ll lose them
Because they mean so much to you
And because they’re all you want to know
Love is never letting go

Running From a Savior

Day by day I feel you start to slip
I try to tighten my grip…
But it always remains just to loose
Then I realize that you’re fighting
The stranger holding your arm
When I never meant you any harm
In your eyes…
I’m no longer the same…
I try calling your name…
But my voice is an unfamiliar sound
You don’t turn around
I walk away with my head down
What we were is all I ever wanted to be
Now it’s just a memory
You don’t know me…
Not anymore…
I really deplore
The way things are now
I don’t know how
They ever got this way
I thought you would always stay
I hope everything will be alright
I hope I make it through the lonely nights
I hope I don’t shed too many tears
Wishing you were still here
Then I remember
That at the end of my rope
I had almost given up hope
I let my white horse run away
And I hang up my armor
Because I could no longer save the day
I wish I could go back in time
Back to when you where mine
Back to the time that I…
I felt alive

Puns For You 05

From day one it’s been

A sudden mutual attraction

Couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So I saw you staring right back

Stuck by your side through it all

You were there for me too

You’re caring




Such a good person

Glad to have you in my life

Now and forever

I will never go away

Are you happy dear?

I se3 you smiling