Who Will Free You?

Find someone who’ll free you

And let’s you be the real you

You follow?



I’ll take it slow

In relationships

We change ourselves

In order to please

Or to avoid looking


The person we once were


Becoming a distant memory

We add layers to ourselves

Don masks

Enslaving ourselves mentally

Waking up each day to be someone

That we know we’re not

But we do it

Because that person might be

All that we got

We end up


Questioning the identity

Of the person in the mirror


When someone comes

To free you from yourself

It’s scary at first

All the things that annoyed others

Are the things they love you for

They take away all the pain

The hurt you once felt

They see past the layers

And extend a hand

At the person deep within

Telling them that everything is alright

Sounds good, right?

Well, I did say it was freedom

So find someone who loves you

Flaws and all

You’ll never be loved better

Find someone who will free you

Try to free them too

Trapped. Mind. Body. Spirit.

Life’s no fairy tale
Happy endings are seldom many
Some people have no chance of seeing any
It’s just grim
For him
Coming from less than nothing
Only to still struggle for everything
Searching for something

Never feeling like he belongs
Never feeling wrong
His love of numbers
Does not stop this set from evading him
Almost keeping him back with every step
But somehow he manages
To see success though he wishes for greater
Everyone talks of never coming back
When he wouldn’t mind just to leave
He would believe in his future
If only he could see it

The only thing that he knows
Is that the future he has
Is certainly uncertain
Looking into it
Would only leave him more confused
With more unanswered questions
Will there be a roof overhead?
Will he even have a bedto lay his head?
How does he solve the problems he faces?
As he counts his paces
He shakes off the thoughts for now
Lest another being brings them up

Honestly concerned for him
Potential is nothing until it is acted upon
He fears that his potential
Will run its time before long
Time is running out
He’s still here
Before it’s too late
This is one door that when closed
Has no promise of another opening
And he can’t do a thing

The worst part of it all
Makes him feel so small
How can he stand tall
When he’s lost before the start?
Feeling like a burden
Wishing he could repay
All that was done for him in the past
His tab has run farther than he wished
He wants to see the end of this

If he could choose
Then he would just cruise
Into the sunset
But he still would never forget
Coming back when needed

For now
His body is trapped
Not allowing his mind to grow like he wants
Forcing his spirits to be low
Towards his life
Depression is the feeling that is mostly felt
He tries to calm himself down
By reasoning that these are just the cards
That life and fate have dealt

Caged Bird’s Song

Before he was a caged bird
He lived in a nest
Every day fed and protected
When it was time to leave…
He did…
But something was wrong
Unlike the other birds
He could not fly the way he wished
Not as high or as far
Because from an egg
He had been scarred…

Now he struggles to fly like the rest
Trying his best
Only to be stopped by his handicaps
Catching worms is not an easy task
No matter how early he tried to be
He starts looking feeble
Feathers falling from his wings
Joyful songs he does not sing
He continues to struggle for long

He doesn’t remember how he came to be
Though to the world he came from…
It felt the same
All the potential
With no way to release
He started singing
Because this offered him slight ease

The other birds listen to his story
Torn by the melody that they hear
Some stop to listen
While others barely care
They are too busy flying through the air
Assuming that everything is going good for him
When they couldn’t be any more wrong
They are not listening to his song…

The next time you hear a caged bird sing
Listen closely to the tune
You never know
The song could be one of woe
Singing of a life unlike the one in a cage
Maybe you will be able to empathize
And maybe even understand
A caged bird can be the same
As a caged man
Surrounded by invisible walls that are not easily broken through
Feeling like he will forever be caged in
Among other things
Maybe it’s only the idea of being in a cage…
That is the reason that
This caged bird sings…

Let Me Out

Get me out of here!

The walls are closing in
The are littered with memories of times gone by
Times when I was down and out
Times when I cried

I can’t breathe!

It’s too much to take
If  I don’t get out soon
I’m afraid I might break
I feel so trapped
The last time I was here
I almost snapped

I bang against the walls
Looking for a way out
No one can hear me
No matter how loud I shout

Get me out of here!

Stop the noise!

I hear the voice of my younger self
I cover my ears
But I can’t stop the noise
The voices are all around me
They are ready and poised

“Useless” “Worthless”

Shut up!

“Remember when they left you?”


“You were never good enough.”

I try to fight them off but it’s tough
I have been thrown into a room
Somebody give me the key
Save me



Let me out…