Behind the Scenes

You hear the laughs

See the smiles

You get envious of it

You crave it for yourself

But do you know how much work

It took to get them there?

Do you know how many times

She gets on his nerves?

How many times he makes her mad?

They deserve to be happy

Because no matter what

They fight for their love

On and off the screen

Breathing You In

I inhale

You were always

A breath of fresh air

The flowers around us

Barely compare

To your perfume

I have no choice but to stare

Right at you

Your head on my shoulder

As you look ahead

I look where you’re looking

Hoping you see what I right now

A future with us still together

Laughing and being silly

Starting our family

Growing old side by side

On this crazy ride

That I can’t get enough of

I take another deep breath

Of the fresh air you provide

You keep me alive


When he looks at her he sees beauty and potential

Things that she doesn’t see in herself

He also sees that she is withering away from the inside

He pours love over her

Enough that it reaches her roots

She wants to open up to him

To blossom

Afraid of the world

She hides from the light

Away from people and judging stares

Away from failures that seem imminent to her

She’s adapted to her surroundings

Her thorns grown in defense

Keep him from being able to touch her

To show her how soft his touch can be

He keeps the distance she allows

Continuing to show her love

Sometimes she explodes

Letting out a plume of toxins

He hacks and coughs

And even with puffed eyes

He sees her beauty

He will not give up

She will not wither away

As long as he has a say


Playful Love

We’re at our best when being silly

Kissing in between smiles

Forgetting all the stress and focusing

Only on what we have

She licks my face like a puppy

I nibble at her ear while purring

Wrestling under the sheets

Right before the pillow fight

Watching movies and getting hit by popcorn

Then she stares at the screen innocently

Like I wouldn’t know it was her

Now she’s pinned down under tickling fingers

Laughing so hard she can’t stop the snorts

I stop only to kiss her once more

We stare at each other loving

For what feels like forever

Until my fingers start going again

In the moments when seriousness goes away

I know how serious about her I am

Fairy Tail Reality

I no longer have to dream

Of a love like the one I feel

She loves me as much as I love her

I know that she will always be here


It’s as though she was

Written into existence

Just to be a part of my life

When I see her in my dreams

I don’t want to wake up

Unless she’s next to me

She has changed the way I see


Until It Hurts

The hurt she once felt

Clouded her judgement of love

She couldn’t recognize it anymore

She forgot how to show it

She was almost unable to

Express her love the way she wanted

All she knew was pain

It broke her heart in two

The pieces kept apart by the memories

I want her to know love again

For the first time

So I’m going to love her until it hurts

Even if it destroys me

So that I can take away her pain

Until love is all that is left

Until love is all she knows

A Lifetime of Emotions

Years from now we’ll look back

Once again telling

The story of our love

Smiling at all the times

I made you cry

With my surprise gifts

And with all the little things

You never thought I’d notice you loved

We’ll tell them that arguments

Were few

Even if one came up

It was handled with love

We never went to bed angry

One of our biggest rules

Throughout the day

We always checked in

With a sweet little text

All the adventures we took together

Never knowing what was next

You’ll blush as usual

When I say

That I still fall in love

Every day

To this day

I’ll smile when

You tell them how I saved you

Let you be free

To be


We’ll kiss

Then I’ll caress your face

And see

The same person I’ve loved

For this lifetime