Ready, Set, Love Valentine’s Contest Entry

In a world of darkness, we search endlessly for the light that will shine bright enough to scare away everything that has been keeping us down. She is my light. She has always been my light. As I bumped into all the wrong people while walking through the darkness, she was there for me, showing the way. When I finally decided to take the light into my hands, I realized just how bright she was and all the things that she changed in my life. I smile more, I laugh more, and I live more, for her love makes me feel so alive. I love loving her and knowing that the future will forever be bright. Each day I do my best to thank her for the love that she gives me. I will love her, my best friend, my everything, for the rest of my life.

Running Was All She Knew

Left, right
Sprinting forward
She runs
For as long as she can remember
She’s been running
From situations she didn’t want to handle
From conversations she didn’t want to have
She ran from the things right in front of her
She was never able to escape
Everything always caught up
Stronger than when she left it
If only she’d dealt with it then

He’d been watching her
For as long as he’s known her
She’s been running
He tries to get her to stop
He tries to get her to slow down
Deal with things before they get bigger
He was proud when she ran to him
Away from something she’d been holding on to
Straight into his arms she ran
He caught her
Holding on to her
She was so tired

He feels the movement
She tries to push off his chest
Things are getting real
Her instincts kick in
She needs to run again
He holds on to her
Shouting her name
Trying to break the trance
Attempting to snap her out of it
She shakes her head
Gathering herself

She’s trying to run
Away from the same love that saved her
Tears stream down her face
Her body wants to run
But her heart won’t let her
He holds her to him
Against the resistance he’ll fight
Fight for her like he always has
His heart is tied to hers
Anchoring her in place
Love keeps her here

Love Is

Love is more than money could ever buy
That’s a too common fact
Love is much more than beautifully written words
It’s more than just saying three words at the right moments
I see that now…
Love lies in the things we miss
It’s the little things…

Love is letting them know that they can trust you
That they can believe in you
It’s never making them fight
It’s not having them wonder if it’s right
It’s not keeping them up at night
Not having to make them look for reasons to stay
Love is letting the world know
That you’re happy right where you are
It’s thinking before you act
And how these actions will make them feel

Love is learning from your mistakes
Changing and growing each time
It’s making less as time goes by
So that they don’t have to cry
Love is saying one thing
And doing that one thing
Not another…
It’s placing that person
Above all others…

Love is fighting for them
Till you can no longer stand
Love is writing you names on stone
And not in the sand
Love is being there when they need you
Answering them when they call
Love is being there to catch them
Knowing you’ll never let them fall
Love is being as unquestionable as one can be
I guess you can say
That to love means to ensure security

Love is…
So hard to describe
Love is knowing someone so well
That the two of you become one
One love
Love is knowing they’re all you need
Being completely satisfied
It’s crying knowing that you’ll lose them
Because they mean so much to you
And because they’re all you want to know
Love is never letting go

Evolution of Love

It begins as nothing more than simple attraction
You attention is caught at first glance
Standing still as if caught in a trance
Afraid to make the first advance
Don’t know what will be the reaction

Then it transforms to something stronger
You can’t help but to spend time
There for them at the drop of a dime
Your emotions start to climb
If this is wrong you want to be wronger

It changes again as feelings start to grow deep
You wonder if what you feel could be true
Is all this time worth putting into
Someone you can’t help but pursue
Because they are all you see in your sleep

The next stage is not easy for some to comprehend
When you see them you can’t disguise
How one simple look makes your spirit rise
Can’t help but to look deeply within their eyes
As you no longer can see them in your life as just a friend

The final stage is one that most try not to be in
No one likes to be vulnerable
This is all form makes you able
To be. You become a bit unstable
Hard to fight the strength of the feelings within

Your in such an alterd state of mind
That you don’t care if they feel the same
Making them happy becomes your aim
Your feelings are their claim
A person as content as you is hard to find

This becomes a problem and the solution thereof
Is to let go and see what will arise
If it fails then there are many tries
But I warn you that it would be wise
To know that my friend you are in


Thank You

I just want to hold you

And say to you

Thank you

You’ve shown me the meaning

Of both happiness and love

Shown me that they are more than just

Things to dream of

My future is clear

For the first time I can look forward

With no fear

Because you

The love of my life

Will be right there

I £ove you

So much


What Is It?

What is it about you?
Your eyes…
I think that’s what caught me
At times looking into them
Feels like diving into the sea
They hide your inner mystery
But there’s no hiding the fact
That the best part about looking at you
Is knowing you’re looking back

Your smile…
Every time you laugh
It’s like the room gets bright
It makes me feel
Like everything is alright
My rainy days go away
Whenever you’re near
When you take your lips
And spread them from ear to ear

Your presence…
Just having you close to me
Makes me feel
Like this could be a dream
I hope you know what I mean
Because I never felt such peace
And I don’t want this to cease

What is it about you?
There’s so much it could be
In life there are more than one truths
Maybe what it is is just…
Everything about you…

Come Closer (Kiss Me Again)

Come closer
Let your lips and mine meet again
The four of them already act like old friends
And we keep making appointments for them to meet
Not kept away from each other too long
Where else would I find something so sweet?

Come closer
Because I can’t get enough of you
By the look on your face you could use some more too
You fit so snugly in my arms like a puzzle piece
I embrace you and you do the same
Not knowing which one will win
As we continue our kissing game

Come closer
Or maybe I should instead
While your standing unaware
Come behind, grab you and scare
Then hold tight and kiss you on the cheek
Turn your face to meet mine and kiss deep
Now, without breaking this lock turn your body
Now we’re face to face
One hand caressing that face
And the other making it’s way around your waist

Come closer
Give your body what it’s longing for
Pull me in close and close your eyes
Let go of your body as it responds to mine
Fade away with me and put your lips on auto-pilot
No need to think of what to do next
This is not anything that’s too complex

Come closer
Hug me like it’s our last day
Kiss me like you did yesterday
But save some for later
For now just savor
The time that we have here
If you can wait until then
I just hope that you come closer
And you can…
Kiss Me Again…

But Still…

She’s been broken and I see all the cracks

I see the scars on her back

The bandages are starting to peel

New ones need to be applied and I’m just the guy

Time has healed some wounds

Some have never gotten the chance to close

The lack of closure and expression leaving them exposed

She was unable to hold them all closed at the same time

She needed help to hold it all together

Happiness was needed to fill in the empty spaces

True love needed to be known

She held herself together for as long as she could all alone

No longer will that be the case

She had conformed to what she knew

So the old habits push away anyone new

Through it all I stand firm

I will not leave

I will push back until healing has been achieved

She was dragged through dirt

Been thoroughly hurt

Now I stand in the shower with her

Washing away the mess and the pain

Wiping away her tears

Saying it won’t happen ever again

With each kiss I see change

She smiles more

She forgets what she was put through

The road may be long

But it’s a job I love to do

She has been broken

But still…

I love h3r

It’s Official

We promised today that we’d let the world see
The truth in what we both feel
We belong to one another
Now and forever
You and I will remain together

Anniversary Zero
This is where it begins

From this day I tell them all
That I will always love you
I will cherish you
You will be protected
Never neglected

It’s official
Girlfriend and boyfriend
Presented to the world
No matter what may come
She will always be my girl

I trust her to be there for me
To continue to stay true
She will be my motivator
Does all she says she will do
She will be there when I’m down
When I’m at my lowest
She’ll turn it all around

Together we’re going to make our dreams real
Together we’re going to start traditions
Never sleeping when angry
Always going to bed in love
Snuggle, cuddle fitting together like a glove
Waking up in each others arms
Breakfast in bed always works like a charm

It’s official
I love you
They all know it
I love you
And forever
I’ll always show it