For Her

Transparency was the word used
But when it comes to the truth 
Why would you pick and choose?
Makes me wonder
Did everything reach the table?

I wonder if he told her
That behind her back
He bonded with her friend 
She’d smile in her face during the day
Joining in in the games we played
Then find her way into his bed at night 
He had to have told her… 

Did he tell her about 
The girl who goes to her church
The one that bakes
She had the icing he needed
He had his cake and ate it too
He told her 
He just had to

Did he tell her about the sleepover? 
Waking up and kissing another in his bed
Did he mention she kept coming back?
Did it slip his mind?
It must have been that…

I wonder 
Did he forget to mention
Falling in love? 
Did he speak of
Trying to drown his feelings 
The vodka instead 
Leaving him unable to drive
Did he tell her where he slept? 
Tell me it’s not another tidbit kept

Did he talk about the forbidden place? 
Where he knew he shouldn’t be?
He couldn’t help but get more
Of the one who helped
Break her heart before
Maybe he couldn’t confirm her fears
So some things he didn’t share

Did he explain things like
When she couldn’t get him at night
Where exactly he was
And what he was doing with who
He should have
If he really wanted 
To be true…

I still wonder if he told her 
Or was it all hid
I guess he doesn’t have to tell her anymore 
I just did…
No secrets


​When I heard about National girlfriends day I was excited. I planned a day out with my the woman in my life, my fiancé. Then I saw the post about what it “officially” means. A day where female best friends celebrate each other. These were all posted by women. So, me being me, I looked up National boyfriend day, it exists. National fiancé day, it exists. National wife day, it exists. There’s even a national husbands day. 

I had to wonder what the big deal was about. Were these women so bitter about not having a male (or probably even a female) to spoil them that they’d try to rain on people’s parade? Why shouldn’t a guy be able to treat his lady on this day? Why should it be turned into a negative if he does? Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean you get to ruin it for others. 

The more I looked, the more I saw that some people only do the things they do because they are lonely. Well, I’m sorry for that, but I’m going to show my woman that I love her whether this day was made for me to do so or not. 


PS: We had an amazing day.