How can the one who is supposed to care

Make you feel the way you do now?

You’re used to smiles and laughter

But there’s only tension when they’re around

One day there are high spirits

The next they are torn down

A back turned to you…mouth zipped shut

They no longer wish to talk

Anger, sadness, and issues

All displaced onto you…

There are other means of self-defense

Why is this the one that they choose?

It’s like the blame is all yours

Everything is your fault

And here comes their wrath

Now you’re alienated from them

Because they want nothing to do with you

Even though they may have been wrong

There is no looking back…

No apologies…

No reservation that wrong was done

They feel like the hurt one

They make look it too…

Because this is what you’re used to

On the outside you show confidence

While inside you have not a clue

Of what you should do…

They continue to act the same

While you aim for a little change

Fed up with all treatment

You accept the fact that you are no longer needed

If this is what they want…


So be it…