Unknown Effects

She has no idea the way she makes me feel

Every single day is

The best day ever

I never knew it could be like this

The bliss

That we share in each kiss

She’s my sunrise

My sunset

My moonlight

My gentle breeze

She is my everything

I just hope she gets to know that

The way she got to know me

You Don’t Even Know Part 2

Everything out
Your mouth
Makes no sense
You’re just like the rest
But I’ll amuse you
You seem to know it all
And the title of this piece
It’s just for show
Don’t try to understand this
Don’t think you’ll know
What’s going on here
I’ll never really care
About what
You think you know
How could you?
I mean
You had it all
Right in your face
Begging for space
You walked away
In steps me
How was it put?
Is that what you see?
Now you’re just
Putting truth to the fact
That you don’t know Jack
But I’ll amuse you

You Don’t Even Know

You don’t even know
What you’ve done to her
Actions and words
Still eating at her

You don’t even know
How many pieces
I have to put back together
Cutting my hands and heart
Fixing dreams shattered
Holding everything in place
As it tries to come apart

You don’t even know
How bad’s the condition
After all this time
Of course it’s all conditioned
Every action over thought
Struggling to find
The right words to say
Fears weren’t always there
Now day by day
I help her fight them away

You don’t even know
What you’ve done
You don’t even know
What you gave up on

The Problem With Being Different

Sometimes it sucks being a breath of fresh air. You would think that by being different from the rest, different from the past, that you would have an easy time showing someone that you can be there for them. Oh, how mistaken you are.

Human nature makes us question new things. We are hesitant to try new things, too keen on attempting something that we know will fail or going back to a place we were never happy. It’s scary, even overwhelming to have something new thrust at you. You don’t know what to do with it because you’re not used to having things the way they are. Deep down, you always know that it’s better.

This has been my experience in life. I’m different from most guys in that I’m more of a romantic and I don’t tear people down. I am selfless most of the time. Accused of being “too nice” more times than I can count or bother to count.

Currently, I am being called “too good”. I don’t yell or argue. I let her set the pace of the conversation and no matter what is said, I am not affected in a way that makes her feel like she’s done something wrong. I feel like I am giving her the impression that she has to be perfect. I don’t want perfection, never did. I love her as she is and always will.

I just need to help her get past her fear of the new and unknown.