Don’t Throw Your Time Away

Never put time into something that’s not secure
Bad investments usually end up a loss
If you are going to do something big
Be sure the means are justified by the cost
If we regret that we ever wasted time
Then we are at that time wasting it
So stop looking back on what happened
Try your best to forget about it
It may not be easy to do
But it wouldn’t hurt to try
You know what they say about spilled milk
When it falls, you shouldn’t cry

It’s one thing to pursue feelings
It’s another to blindly chase
Spend your time wisely
For it surely can’t be replaced
If you see the stock starting to drop
Get out before the big crash
Losing love and getting hurt
Hurts much more than losing cash
No one business is you only option
There is always a new one on the rise
When selecting one be careful
Fancy things usually blind the eyes
If your application is turned down
The problem may not be your resumé
Don’t get worked up over it
It’s their loss anyway

In the end you will find one better
Something worthy of your attention
And you will get it back
Without a hint of retention
Be careful where you spend them
Time and money are the same
So wasting time on someone
Is the same as

Throwing money away