This Time. That Time.

There is…

Nothing to do

All this free time spent up in my room

For some reason time doesn’t fly by when you’re alone

The sands of time have slowed….down

These are the times I wish I had a girl

To just hold on to, to chill if you will

Chicks always say that they want time

We’ll time is something that I got

They can find their way to my spot

All I have is time

Any kind that you want

The “turn my phone off because it’s all about you” time.

That cherished “me and you” time

Or how about the

“You guys go ahead

I’m gonna be with my girl tonight” time?

These are the times I wish I had a girl

Then this time would not have felt wasted

No one to hold on to and just enjoy that

Feeling that you get when you see

They fit into your arms so perfectly

Listening to music that doesn’t help the mood

There’s no way a single person can enjoy food

I should be feeding her

While she feeds me

You feel me?

But nah…

All I got is that “sitting alone

Thinking about her” time

The “wishing she were here

Or that I was there” time

Wanting a bit of her time

Add it to my time

Make it our time

Time with her would be time not wanted back

I know that

These are the times I wish I had a girl

When I have all the time…

To make her my world…