Puns For You 05

From day one it’s been

A sudden mutual attraction

Couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So I saw you staring right back

Stuck by your side through it all

You were there for me too

You’re caring




Such a good person

Glad to have you in my life

Now and forever

I will never go away

Are you happy dear?

I se3 you smiling


I need an outlet

Sometime I find

That these thoughts plague my mind

And I realize that I need

A way to let them go

Let them flow

But I can’t find what I need

No one to run to

No one on whom I can lay

These thoughts that plague me

Day to day

I try my phone

But it’s so strange

Can’t find what I need in my contacts

Or on any social media app

Not on Facebook



Or Snapchat

I need an outlet

All I have is this notepad

So I let my fingers race

Word after word

Wait, not that word

Backspace, backspace,  backspace

A beep rings through the air

And I look to the source


I need an outlet


Broken Optimism

Laughter fills the room
Everyone seems to be enjoying the day
But not him
He is in a corner thinking away
His eyes are focused
He is no longer in this world
He has entered his
Where nothing is ever what it is

Tap him and receive a blank stare
Like he’s looking through you
You can never know how he feels
Do you even know what he has to go through
He thinks about the life he lives
He sees that Live backwards is Evil
Hmm, now what does that say about life?

When you turn things around
They get a different sound
A different meaning
But why can’t he turn around bad
And get good
He would if he could

Look at the pain in his eyes
They tell no lies
They are filled with why’s

Why fall in love only to get your heart broken
Broken into so many different pieces
Pieces that you allow no one else to help mend
Mend back into something that can again love?
Why attempt anything when there is a chance to fail
Fail so horribly that you never again try
Try to get what you can never have
Have to be crazy for making the same mistakes over and over

“Smile, everything will be alright.”
If he could choose
He would never have anything
That he could lose

Life made him
Change from being Optimistic
Now when happiness comes
He rather opt to miss it


No introductions are needed here
We both know each other’s names
So in order to make you mine
Let’s play a little game

I’m a beast most of the time
At all games I’m the best
Never played this game before
But I’ve always been interested in chess

You seem like a good catch
So my best game I’ll bring
I hope at the end
I can be your king

In my heart is where you’ll reside
My right hand woman
Ruling at my side
I’m the type of guy
That put brains over brawn
But as true as that may be
It doesn’t make me a pawn

I want to be here, there, anywhere for you
For your love I will always fight
No limits are set in my head
I will go to any height
I plan to be so much more than your prince
I want you to make me your knight

Is there a dragon in the house?
Time to show off my might
Can I climb up that rook
To the top of the tallest tower
Can I save you from danger?
Do I have the power?

It’s known to be the bishop
In France they call it the jester
No matter what the name is
It will still help me get her

I want to capture you as my queen
And I promise to always protect
The only way that I can reach to you
Is if my strategy is perfect

You finally in my arms
What a sight that is deck
Unlike the end of this game
You wont have to keep me in check

You seem to like what you see
I think I have nothing left to prove
So the only thing that is left to do
Is for me to make
The first move


Last Poem

If this were the last poem I’d ever write
I’d want to do it right
You need to know that I love you
You need to know tonight

If this were my last piece
I’d want you to know that you brought me peace
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
I may never love anyone the way that I love you
And that is the truth and nothing but the truth

If this were the last time my pen touched paper
I would tell you that we can’t wait for later
We are destined for greater
I want you to be with me right now

My last poem would certainly let you know
That I never wanted you to leave my side
That being without you has been so hard on me
And it has left me empty inside

I want you to move on
If being alone will make you unhappy
But a small part of me wants you to wait
I know that if you had been able to stay here with me
Just how different my life would be

You are my everything
I’m so afraid of losing you
I’m scared that time will betray me
And I’ll never get to be with you again
I want to spend forever with you
I want to stare into your eyes and smile
I want to know that you are mine

If this were the last time I expressed with words
Just what my heart wanted to be heard
You would see the truth that lives within me
You would understand why my heart beats
In the words that flow in my last poem


I don’t matter anymore
I guess that’s fine
Eventually I’ll get used to it
The feeling should subside with time
Or maybe it’ll last an eternity
Burning away at me from within
As I try to run, try to mask
While all I’ll be able to do is wonder
How did it begin?
Like that old favorite toy now forgotten
I’ll take my seat on the shelf
Collecting dust as time passes
Just here by myself


Don’t know what else I could have done
I begged for you to Turn Around
Steps were still taken in the other direction
Maybe distracted by other sounds
The bottle I held out as an olive branch
Is now being held to my lips
I finally again know the feeling of warmth
For a moment I no longer have to come to grips
The friendly taste of elixir in my mouth
Will for a time wash the memories away
Sitting, looking out at the water
While the waves crash in the bay


I’ll accept the short bursts of happiness
I’ll take them for what they’re worth
For me they still have value
And maybe, just maybe a chance at rebirth


She’s so sweet that you risk cavities just by looking at her
But to look away would be a depriving action
Taking in as much of her as possible always brings satisfaction
She is more beautiful than she believes she is
Often taking my breath away in short glances
Glances that turn into daydreams of sugary delight
Delighted to just have her here in my sight

When she leaves she takes your heart with her
Making missing her inevitably inevitable
All the things that make her so amazing are gone
And memories of them keep her on your mind for so long
Until the moment the sweetness comes back to you

Her laugh is a hearty one indeed
From that good old happy place deep within
The smile on her face warms you
Causing you to return one without knowing
Listening to her becomes an event worth doing
Her voice dipping and rising in such a way
That your ears fall in love with the very sound
It feels like it lifts your feet right of the ground

She can take one on a journey of immense pleasure
The heights of which is unable to be measured
The after effects of which become almost chronic
Addicted to the soft touch that comes from her hands
The soothing rasp of her voice as it travels through your ears
The sight of her in front of you smiling at you
The smell of her shampoo and perfume wafting through the air
The moments of company outweigh all the rest

Looking deeply into her eyes one sees love looking back
Holding on to her turns into an embrace whose end is unwanted
Giving is in her nature
She does it as easily as she breathes
Never expecting anything in return
Her heart is one made from pure gold
The beat it produces is as loud as the beating of two

She deserves more than she takes credit for
More than I could ever think of giving her
Many take advantage of her good will
Seeing her held back because of her kindness
Brings pain to my eyes
Because this flower aches so much just to grow
One day I hope that she will be able to do so

I believe in her with all my heart
One day she will make it big
Bigger than big even
She will be everything that she wants to be
She will get what is rightfully hers
And after that she will get so much more
Finally getting the attention that has always been in store
Even after that day has passed I will continue to adore


She’s like a soft melody
The kind that embraces you
Wherever you go, chases you
Sweet as sugar cane
Slowly flowing through you
Softly rumbling the tympanic
I can feel her beautiful chorus
Taking over my soul
Every moment I spend with her
I take the time to listen to each note
Reverberating over and over
Her sound never gets old
I’m pulled in by the tranquility
How much closer can I get?
Never quite done listening yet
I need the vibrations in my ears
I need this melody to soothe me
I need the rhythm to take me away
To a place where love breaks the scale
Carry me over the sea in the air
So that the sound I can once again hear
I wish we could hold this pitch forever
Each and every day
I can’t wait to hear it play
I’m in love with this melody

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Natural Beauty

I sit on the shore and stare at this beautiful lady
Who captures my attention in many ways
Her bright eyes pierce through me like daggers
Locking with mine in an endless gaze that I can’t break
Maybe looking into them was my first mistake

Her full lips must taste of fresh carambola juice
With just the right number of ice cubes
A refreshing experience a kiss on them would be
Her natural hair accents her already exquisite features
Falling and crashing on her shoulders as if a waterfall
She is in all aspects truly a rare creature all in all

I suppose her voice sounds like sweet Bouyon music
Able to put one’s soul at ease with much ease
Whisper to me, speak to me, sing to me please
In that patois that I would not understand
But would listen on just because of the way it trills
She smells of good food: roasted breadfruit, agouti, and crab
Wafting through the air and into my
Sending me on a craze and a longing to take in more
Of the beauty from the Isle of Splendor

Her brown skin is just the perfect shade
So that when the sun hits it, she glows
Just by looking at her my adoration grows
I figure that her figure leaves many trying to figure it out
Her curves move in and out and through and through
Like one of three sixty-five rivers winding down the jungle

To dance with her would be like taking a bath in the bay
Just like the waves that reach for the shore
Back and forth her hips sway
When she sewos oh when she sewos
The freedom in the way that she moves

The expressions that she displays on her face
The brightness that is in her smile
Is as beautiful as the place she’s from
This natural beauty from the Nature Isle