Translation of Love

No matter what language I choose

The feelings I have will remain true

No matter who looks our way

They will always be able to see

Just how much you mean to me


They know

When they see me smile

Holding you in my arms

They know

The Spanish know that

Mi corazon

Beats for you

The French will understand

That mes yeux

See your true beauty

I want to translate love

So that the world will be able to see

Just how right we are together



Cutting it Off

They bullied her till she cried

She tried so hard just to fit in

Changed her appearance different times

Nothing seemed good enough


She wasn’t necessarily

Her own biggest fan either

She believed the words they threw at her

Because there was no other reason in her mind

Why things were like this

It sounded like the words were trapped

In the locs of her hair

Booming into her ears

So she cut it off to cut them out

And when she realized

The words were still there

Even after running out of hair

She started cutting herself

Depression was hard to run away from

She was drowning

With no one to save her

Her Wounding Words

She sits and thinks of the things said

Wonders if the words used were the right choice

She didn’t want to be angry with him

But couldn’t help but to scream and raise her voice

Tired of all the troubles she was facing

Just had to make someone hurt just as bad

So she lashed out at everyone close

Even when they did no wrong

Every little thing cause an uproar

There were always eggshells around

Then china hit the wall and things fell to the ground

Maybe some time to think will do her well

Taking a moment to just get away

Think of how to tell them sorry

So that they will be able to stay

Is it too late to apologize?

Will he think she is sincere?

She thought the feeling was bad before

But now the fact of losing him has her truly scared




I don’t care how many pages

It’s the subject that I look for

If it’s one from a series

I’m guaranteed to read more

I like reading true stories

But I rather those of fiction

I like the varied use of words

Each authors personal diction


If I get wrapped in one

You are bound to see

My head will be down

And there will be less of me

I once read for two days straight

Stopped only to bathe and eat

I couldn’t stop myself

Until it was all complete


People have alot to say

When there’s a book in my hand

But my love of reading

They will never understand

My favorite is Harry Potter

I love his world of magic

But I also liked Macbeth

Though his story was tragic


I become the main character

Picking up virtues and flaws

I become a valiant hero

Fighting for a cause

Probably have powers

And fly around town

On the run from a killer

Or chasing one down


A spy on a mission

Trying not to get caught

Go back in time

To when a war was faught

I become a different person

Discovering whole new worlds

When I find one that interests me

I turn into…


A bookworm

Deaf to Me

I’ve mustered up all the courage to do this
Because every time it’s the same
These words leave my mouth
And things go up in flames
Ready to take the plunge head first
Feeling so confused now
Not knowing there is anything worst

All this time I’ve been hiding my feelings
Afraid of what will happen
It’s now or never
All jokes aside
I’m ready for forever
So many ways to describe the feelings
Inside of me

So many words to say
All combined into three
Will you say them back?
Or will they leave my mouth in vain?
Will they lead to happyness?
Or will they bring even more pain?

Here I am waiting
For just the right moment
I’m ready
In my mind there’s not a care
You close your eyes when I stare
When my mouth opens you cover your ears
I tried telling you that I love you
But you never wanted to hear…


She’s so sweet that you risk cavities just by looking at her
But to look away would be a depriving action
Taking in as much of her as possible always brings satisfaction
She is more beautiful than she believes she is
Often taking my breath away in short glances
Glances that turn into daydreams of sugary delight
Delighted to just have her here in my sight

When she leaves she takes your heart with her
Making missing her inevitably inevitable
All the things that make her so amazing are gone
And memories of them keep her on your mind for so long
Until the moment the sweetness comes back to you

Her laugh is a hearty one indeed
From that good old happy place deep within
The smile on her face warms you
Causing you to return one without knowing
Listening to her becomes an event worth doing
Her voice dipping and rising in such a way
That your ears fall in love with the very sound
It feels like it lifts your feet right of the ground

She can take one on a journey of immense pleasure
The heights of which is unable to be measured
The after effects of which become almost chronic
Addicted to the soft touch that comes from her hands
The soothing rasp of her voice as it travels through your ears
The sight of her in front of you smiling at you
The smell of her shampoo and perfume wafting through the air
The moments of company outweigh all the rest

Looking deeply into her eyes one sees love looking back
Holding on to her turns into an embrace whose end is unwanted
Giving is in her nature
She does it as easily as she breathes
Never expecting anything in return
Her heart is one made from pure gold
The beat it produces is as loud as the beating of two

She deserves more than she takes credit for
More than I could ever think of giving her
Many take advantage of her good will
Seeing her held back because of her kindness
Brings pain to my eyes
Because this flower aches so much just to grow
One day I hope that she will be able to do so

I believe in her with all my heart
One day she will make it big
Bigger than big even
She will be everything that she wants to be
She will get what is rightfully hers
And after that she will get so much more
Finally getting the attention that has always been in store
Even after that day has passed I will continue to adore