Walking Away From The Pain

That glimmer in your eye

I try to catch it every time

Seeing it makes my day

And I wish I knew why

What did you do to me?

It happened too fast

I didn’t even see

Now a day without your smile

Is like a snow globe with no snow

I feel like a wanderer with no place to go

Just empty…

Around you I feel complete

Could you be the missing piece…

To this puzzle I’ve been trying to finish?

If you want me on my knees…

Well, here I am

When it comes to you, I have no need for pride

I’ll say it from mountain high

I want to be yours

And have you as mine

If only you could change your mind

Would you see what I see?

Could I be the one you need?

Just give us a try

Give me one night

One chance

To prove your intuition wrong

Hear my heart’s song

Let’s dance to the beat

If I could change your mind

It will be worth your while

Say yes with that beautiful smile

If not then give me one last kiss

I’ll walk away forever

You, I will miss


Relationships are not fireproof
Sometimes we end up getting burned
We need to be able to walk out the fire
With a few new lessons learned
Fires can be things that are severe
Saying things that in the ears constantly chime
Some fires are mild and easily pass by
For example not spending enough time

Fireproof doesn’t mean fires will never come
Just that you are able to withstand
You should always be ready for anything
Things do not always go as planned
Love does not make relationships
It should be the other way around
Many times relationships are ended
Just because love is not quickly found

There are parasites that attack relationships
See the love and try to take it away
If you are not careful and protect yourself
You offer to them an open buffet
Be slow to anger and quicker to listen
This will give you much success
Take a second to see the other side
So the whole situation can be assessed

The eyes will always wander away
Try to stop them as hard as you can
But as much attention as you pay to the eyes
Pay even more attention to your hands
One of the double edges swords in life
Can come in the form of friend’s advice
At times it will help you out
Other times you pay a price

Love is not an easy thing to keep
It takes alot of time and determination
Love is not a house you stay in
From it there is no vacation
When you are in a relationship
Alot of energy is required
You never leave your partner behind
Especially in a fire

Don’t worry about the wounds
If you believe enough you wont lose
At times it may be hard to do
But if you find someone you adore
You’ll find out that love is not at all a fight
It’s something worth fighting for